We care, We Concern!

Skin is the most natural and beautiful cloth we are wearing EVERYDAY! In De Wax Haus, we are not only getting rid off your body hair, but also bringing back your confident and the hidden beauty of your skin that you never realize!

  • We select Premium range of wax & machine to pair with our therapist skill to minimize the pain and improve the quality & health of your skin!

  • Our therapists went through certified training & intense training internally to provide you an exclusive hair removal experience.

  • With us, you can have “pre-care” appetizer and “post-care” dessert before and after your treatment to optimize the hair removal result & revert your baby smooth skin!

  • There are strictly NO double-dip, NO re-used of spatula, bed sheets & tools in order to provide you the best hair removal experience!

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    The real experience...

    De Wax Haus
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    Cia Cia
    Cia Cia
    Although my first time waxed with them but it was quite a pleasant experience and they did a GREAT JOB! I will definitely continue to come back, fast and clean service from them.
    Gwen Goh
    Gwen Goh
    I went for Brazilian waxing last week and not only right after the waxing was there red bumps everywhere and so much irritation... but the waxing was so badly done it gave me so much ingrown hairs. I have done it several times at other shops and never faced this problem. Such terrible workmanship that has caused me skin irritation an ingrown hairs. Would not recommend to get Brazilian here.
    Lee LiYin
    Lee LiYin
    Have been going to De Wax Haus for several years now (on a monthly basis). This is by far the best wax salon i’ve ever been (Gosh i’ve enough bad experience to say this). Good service. Friendly staff. And most importantly i feel comfortable and with minimal pain (Credits to Isabelle’s skill!). Enough said. It’s good to experience for yourself. See you girls next week! ;)
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