Laser7 Hair Removal, Painless Permanent Hair Removal Method

DWH Laser7 HR (HR = hair removal) is permanent hair removal solution. It is also known as the least painful hair removal method, which is effective and safe for hair reduction, at the same time can lighten skin pigmentation and reduce ingrown-hair. In DWH, we using in-house advance Laser technology with cooling effect to treat wide rage of hair & skin color. In DWH, we track & record individual progress to achieve best result in shortest period of time!

About Laser7 HR Treatment

An average of 8-10 sessions are needed for fine or parse hair. If you are having coarse or thick hair, usually it takes 10-15sessions to achieve up to 90% of hair reductions.
Duration: Laser7 HR treatment requires a 4 weekly interval of visit, which means you need to do treatment 1 month once. Within a year, you get significant hair reduction results.
After achieving desire result: Do a maintenance treatment every 6months once, for 2 years continuously to treat new hair and prolong the hair removal result. You can stop the treatment after 2 years of maintenance treatment.

Laser7 VS IPL or E-Light treatment

Laser7 is a pain less, quick and permanent hair reduction result. Unlike IPL and other e-light treatments, their results last for 3-5 years.
Laser7 Feeling: You barely feel anything for most of the parts, except for some of the parts which are more sensitive such as upper lip, or a certain area of private part, some might feel slight zap feelings, but the feeling goes off once the shot is done.
Quick treatment: Small area like upper lip takes only 5minutes to get the treatment done, Underarm takes 10-15minutes, and Private area takes 20-45minutes.
Permanent result: Averagely, Malaysians get their permanent result after 7-10 sessions! After having the result, all you need to do is enjoy a care-free life!

Before and After the treatment

Before treatment: No exfoliation (scrub or peel) for 3-7 days before your hair removal appointment. No hair removal like waxing, plucking or epilating for 2-3weeks before your appointment.
After treatment:Hair growth becomes sparser with each session, even after the first trial. 10-50% of treated hairs should shed during 7th-14th days after the treatment.
There is nothing much you need to care of after the treatment! We will do the job! All you need to do after the laser treatment is to apply DWH The Morning Kiss Lotion as daily care. It can maximize the brightening effect at the same time prevent forming of pigmentation on the skin.
Make sure to skip these tasks for 3 days after treatment: no sauna, hot bath, exercise, tight attire or any movements that create frictions on the treatment area(s).

Benefit of Laser7 Hair Removal

1.Reduce hair effectively: Laser7 can reduce hair up to 90% averagely! After the full treatment, you do not need to worry the hair anymore!
However do take note that result is varies per individual depends on skin, hair type, as well as your life style and hormone changes.
2. Lighten pigmentation: Laser7 can achieve lightening and brightening effect at the same time!
3. Reduce ingrown hair: Laser7 will weaken the root of the hair, causes it the shed after the treatment, including ingrown hair!
4. Save time: Laser7 treatment is quick & fast. The quickest treatment takes only 5minutes! Furthermore it can slow down the hair regrowth rate. Imagine you do not need to take care of your hair every few days, but months! We can make it happen with our Laser7!

Any side effect?
No worries my dear, The lasers used in hair removal has such a minimal amount of radiation. Plus, the minimal amount is only being exacted on the surface of the skin. So, they don’t pose a risk of cancer.


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