De Wax Haus Professional Waxing Kit

De Wax Haus Waxing kit:

Just 3 steps to get hairless for at least 1 month.

Suitable for most body parts, such as arms, legs, stomach.

1 set can do 4-12 single parts. Hairless up to 1 month hairless for 1 body part at Cost RM18.59! After finish using wax, just refill wax at RM68, and the cost will be RM7.44 per part!

🔖Waxing Kit includes:

1️⃣1x wax heater (random design)

2️⃣1x wax

3️⃣10x wax paper

4️⃣10x disinfectant wet tissue

5️⃣10x cotton

6️⃣1x De Wax Haus Jasmine Oil 30ml

🔖Instructions:Preheat wax for 30-45 minutes before treatment, follows by:

1️⃣Cleanse treatment part with De Wax Haus’s disinfectant Wet Tissue.

2️⃣Moisture our skin with De Wax Haus Jasmine Oil to create a layer of protection.

3️⃣Start applying wax. When apply wax always from top to bottom; while remove wax always from bottom to top. Firm your skin for while performing both actions.

After all hair are waxed, Cleanse with De Wax Haus’s Jasmine Oil and apply moisturizing lotion. You are all done with smooth & silky skin 😘 Enjoy~

💰Launching price💰 Rm278.80(Original RM328)

Free postage to West Malaysia. 🚚

Contact us now to purchase: wa.me/60142557505

Whatsapp: 014 255 7505

Payment method: Online Transfer/E-wallet (Grab, TNG, Boost)