DWH PHA Peeling – De Aesthetic Facial

DWH PHA Peel by De Wax Haus

What is DWH PHA Peel?

DWH PHA Peel is the mildest chemical peel using Organic acids from fruits to remove the outer skin layer and refine the skin with no downtime. DWH PHA Peel is the first active peels combining acids, hyaluronic acid and peptides to moisture the skin, whiten & reduce wrinkles and fine lines at the same time.

The added hyaluronic acid (HA) to provide our peelings a gel texture for an easier application, a more controlled peel and a high moisturizing effect. The peptides are infused into the skin together with the acids to reduce wrinkles, ageing and pigmentation, at the same time stimulate our skin cell to regenerate collagen, improve self-repair and stimulate metabolism.

DWH PHA Peel is a safe superficial peels for deep skin rejuvenation are very effective treatments to reduce acnes, wrinkles, pigmentation and enlighten the skin tone. They improve after just one session the skin texture for a glowing complexion.

State of the art formulation and quality for maximum safety, results and painless mesotherapy treatments.

What are the differences of DWH PHA Peel and other chemical peels?  (AHA, BHA etc)

DWH PHA Peel is a gentle peel that are going much further than only exfoliation. Various organic acids peelings are used with the scope of regulating specific cellular functions and enzymatic activity, such as Ferulic acid is a strong anti-oxidant, lactic acid a moisturizer, gluconolactone is a bactericide etc, in order to heal, moisture and rejuvenate your skin.

DWH PHA peels are using new generation of acids, Polyhydroxyacids, which is less irritating, they provide comfort at application (no burning sensation, least or no downtime) and better results compare to AHA. We remove skin layers, peels after peels, in a safe way avoiding downtime and side effects. Therefore, DWH PHA Peel is considered the safest and show a very limited risk of hyperpigmentation.

Who suitable to do PHA Peels?

  • Normal skin
  • Acnes, white head, black head, oily skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation skin
  • Skin with wrinkles, or fine lines

DWH PHA Peels Type:

  • Pure Skin Peels – For Acnes and clogged pores. Balance PH value and moisture every skin layer, helps to dry up acnes, white & black heads.
  • White-up Peptide Peels – For freckles, hyperpigmentation and dull skin. With its added peptide, helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines effectively.
  • Ageless Peels – For ageing and saggy skin. Rich in caviar and peptide to firm skin, lighten freckles and pigmentation and achieve lifting effect.
  • All peels applicable for face, fingers and necks.