Laser7 Pigmentation

Laser7 Pigmentation - Effective for uneven skin tone.

DWH Laser7 Pigmentation uses DPL (Dynamic Pulse Light, D-Light) technology, which is the first and new concept of combining IPL and Laser power source for a revolutionary treatment that Lighten & Brighten the skin with minimal pain.

What is Hyperpigmentation?
Hyperpigmentation (Pigmentation) is a type of skin color disorder, whereby patches of affected skin become darker in color than the surrounding skin. It occurs when there are excess of melanin which is “brown pigment” that forms and deposit in our skin, resulting in patches of darker skin.

However, one of the function of melanin is to protect our skin whereby hyperpigmentation is commonly found after sun damage (sun burn) inflammation, or other skin injuries. This explains why our skin is getting darker when we expose under UV light without protection, or after a healed wound.

Moreover, Hyperpigmentation also happens when experiencing hormone changes such as pregnancy, you might find patches of pigmentation forms around your face or body too.

How Laser7 lighten pigmentation?
DWH Laser7 Pigmentation is safe and the least downtime treatment for hyperpigmentation. It produces D-Light with optimum wavelength to destroy melanin and break them into smaller molecule bond. This is where our body immune system kicks in. Body immune system act as a remover for the ‘broken’ melanin molecule from our skin. Thus, reducing melanin in our skin, effects in pigmentation lightening.

A gap of 2-4weeks for each Laser7 Pigmentation treatment is required depending on skin condition, reason being it takes our immune system almost half to a month to remove ‘broken’ melanin molecule. Therefore in DWH, the next treatment will be 4 weeks later.

DWH Laser7 Pigmentation result is permanent, provided with proper after care, and effort of avoiding formation of pigmentation.

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